About this website

About this website

What is the Safety Net project?

We cannot yet provide the kind of services to help individuals as we would like to, other than for asbestos-related issues, where we have paid staff to do just that. We do not have paid staff to provide a service to the public beyond that.

Hence the Information and Links focus on this website, which will enable us to reach a wider circle of people and help them to access the many on-line resources that are now available.

The key target group for the Safety Net project is those in the West Midlands who need to know more about work hazards and find out more about where to get help or seek improvements in health and safety at work. Young people and other volnerable groups are particularly targeted.

It was funded originally by Awards for All, the small grants section of the Big Lottery Fund, for a year to set up this site and for us in WMHT to learn more about using social media to get our message across. 

We aim to link up those who care about improving the terrible toll of work-related deaths and injuries.

We hope it can act as a springboard to further activities involving others, especially when used alongside our social media platforms.

What is this website designed to do?

  • provide a link to the work of the West Midlands Hazards Trust, as well as link to our existing Asbestos Support West Midlands website
  • provide a very basic outline of some of the hazards of work to those new to them, and an indication of what can be done about them
  • enable provision of information about work-related issues in the West Midlands of the UK
  • provide a focus point for more people in the West Midlands to get involved as members and supporters

Accessibility Features

There are a number of features on this web site to assist visitors access our content.

Text resizing buttons

A the top of each page we have provided buttons that enable website visitors to increase the font size used on this website.  Click or tab onto the buttons to make text bigger or smaller.

Page contrast

By visiting our Acessibility options page you can opt to view this site using a high contrast alternative.

Accessiblity guidelines

We followed a list of accessibility guidelines when putting together this website and it's content. This includes:

  • Maintain a standard layout and navigation system throughout;
  • Use headings, paragraphs, lists and other HTML(HyperText Markup Language) to create a logical document structure;
  • Allow visitors to resize all text;
  • Use plain backgrounds to improve the readability of text;
  • Use foreground and background colour combinations which have sufficient contrast and are not known to cause problems for sufferers of colour-blindness;
  • Use alt attributes on all images and ensure that all alt, and title attributes are meaningful;
  • Design layouts to work well at a range of screen resolutions;
  • Design the layout so that non mouse users are easily able to navigate the website;
  • Ensure all hyperlinks use descriptive and meaningful text, avoiding short-hand language like 'Click here'.

Help us improve

We are always trying to improve this website.

If you have any comments on our website, or suggestions for how to improve the site please contact us using the details below.