Construction blacklisting campaign

Construction blacklisting campaign

Individuals have been prevented from further employment in construction and other sectors by employers who have operated a "blacklist" of those who they don't want to employ again.

This has ruined their chances of future employment and ruined many lives.

Many have been safety reps, whose only crimes have been to organise for safer workplaces.

Despite the success of the campaign in exposing the existence of these blacklists and thus officially bringing an end to their existence, campaigners can see that blackllisting continues in various ways, and continue to campaign for a real end to this practice.

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Blacklist meeting report

In November 2015 a very successful meeting was held in Birmingham City Centre on Blacklisting in the Construction Industry.

The two main speakers where Dave Smith Secretary of the Blacklist support group and Frank Keogh an official from the trade union Unite.

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All the trade unions operating in construction have been involved in campaigning for an end to blacklisting.

Dave Smith
Dave Smith@ DaveBlacklist on Twitter

Hazards Campaign
The Hazards Campaign has a blog on blacklisting.

Famiiles Against Blacklisting
The Families Against Blacklisting Group has been set up to give the partners and children of blacklisted workers somewhere they can find support and share advice.