Birmingham businessman jailed following factory roof death

Birmingham businessman jailed following factory roof death

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A Birmingham businessman has been sentenced to 30 months in prison, after a man fell to his death from a factory roof.

Mafizur Rahman aged 32, pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown Court in December and has this week been sentenced for the gross negligence which led to the death of 29-year-old Tomasz Galwaz on 5 January 2015.

Mr Galwaz and a friend were employed by Mr Rahman in December 2014 to carry out repairs to the roof of the Al Amin warehouse in Aston owned by his brothers and father.

The deal was carried out through an interpreter as the two men, who were Polish, spoke very little English. The interpreter later told police there were no discussions around safety procedures, personal protective equipment or risk assessments. There was also no mention of insurance.

The pair started the second of three days of work on the roof on January 5, but just hours later the roof cracked and they both fell through straight onto a concrete floor. Mr Galwaz was rushed to hospital but later died from his head injuries. The second man suffered minor injuries.

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