Govt Deadly Failures - includes workers killed in West Mids

Govt Deadly Failures - includes workers killed in West Mids

Press release, 14-Apr-20 for immediate release - from Birmingham Trades Union Council and West Midlands Hazards Trust 

Over Easter, West Midlands health workers who died from Covid19 include nurse Elsie Chafalumira Sasuze; Dr Best Nkhoma; and Leilana Dayrit; these shortly after nurses Areema Nasreen, Aimee O’Rourke, and 2 healthcare assistants.

Workers in the frontline e.g. health and care staff, are most at risk right now. But all public-facing staff are at risk, including all those working to deliver essential services, from refuse collectors to shopworkers and school staff, and all need adequate protection, which is not being sufficiently provided.

Staff and residents in care homes do too. All are desperate for better protection and testing. While all are at risk, those in workplaces without unions, in privatised companies, and insecure employment, face the worst situation, with next to no protection. 

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