Report published into bullying at Worcs Hospitals

Report published into bullying at Worcs Hospitals

An official report into the handling of bullying and harassment claims at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust has found that its "Dignity at Work" policy is not "fit for purpose" as a document or in the way it's administered, and has made a list of recommendations.

The recommendations in the report from the Good Governance Institute (GGI) included that the Trust should

  • immediately review the policy
  • identify a Board champion for Dignity at Work, and an independent expert to whom staff can refer their concerns
  • reinstate staff Exit Interviews
  • rolling programme to train managers in proper administration of the policy

The full report and recommendations can be read on the NHS Trust Development Authority website.

Neal Stote of the "Save the Alex" campaign said that there was a "cultural problem" within the Alex, and that the biggest concern was the lack of communication between senior managers and front line staff. "Instead of listening to and acting on concerns, instead it seems they chose to blame the staff and that is not acceptable, particularly when issues of patient safety are concerned." Trade unions representing NHS staff say that bullying is now endemic within the NHS in the UK.

The Board have reportedly accepted all the recommendations in principle, but time will tell whether all the changes are to be made and there really is going to be a cultural change within these hospitals.

However, a group of people who are among those who claim to have been bullied while working in the Trust's hospitals are calling the report a "cover up" and asking for more people to contact them if they have experienced bullying in these hospitals. "Betrayed by their Trust" say: " No specific acts of abuse are described. No abuser is to be held to account."

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