Why Bullying in Construction is a Problem

Why Bullying in Construction is a Problem

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It’s estimated that bullying costs the UK economy £17bn a year according to the Guardian, and is widely believed to have a detrimental effect upon the productivity of contract workers in both the UK and US.

According to academic research titled ‘Bullying and Emotional Abuse in the Workplace’ by Helge Hoel and Denise Salin, the term workplace bullying has “struck a chord” with large sections of the workforce, with many workplace environments directly attributing bullying to heightened stress levels.

The authors quote research by additional scholars who define workplace bullying as “harassing, offending or socially excluding someone” or “directly affecting their tasks” for sinister purposes.

In recent years, however, bullying has been defined as a level of mistreatment “severe enough to compromise a targeted worker’s health,” according to the Workplace Bullying Institute, that can “jeopardize her or his job and career, and strain relationships with friends and family.

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