In-Work Deaths Rocket

In-Work Deaths Rocket

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A STAGGERING 142 workers have been killed while doing their jobs in the past year, worrying new figures revealed.

The preventable deaths — an increase of nine on 2013-14 figures — mainly occurred in the construction, agriculture and waste sectors with 35, 33 and five fatal injuries to workers, respectively.

Cable systems maker McCalls Special Products was fined £200,000 last week for the death of agency worker Alan Gerrard, 47, who was pulled in by machinery.

Rettenmaier UK Manufacturing was also fined £200,000 — plus £100,000 costs — earlier this month after employee George Major, 51, was dragged in and killed by an unguarded industrial blender in 2011.

Meanwhile, a whopping two million people have been suffering from an illness that has been caused or exacerbated by their jobs in the past 12 months according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) data.

The 27.3m sick days in the past year cost the economy an estimated £14.3 billion.

But even though the HSE statistics “show work is not getting safer or healthier,” they “mask far more than they reveal,” the acting chair of National Hazards Campaign Hilda Palmer told the Star.

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