Young ‘more likely’ to be injured at work than older colleagues

Young ‘more likely’ to be injured at work than older colleagues

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Young millennials are more likely to suffer injury at work than older workers, according to new data from the International Labour Organisation.

The study, presented at the 21st World Congress on Safety and Health at Work this week, claims workers aged 15 to 24 are 40% more likely to get injured than older colleagues.

Speaking at the youth element of the conference held in Singapore, the country’s second minister for manpower, Josephone Teo, said younger workers needed to be better prepared for hazards at work.

Teo also said that millennials could then play a key role in raising awareness of safety and health in the workplace, once educated.

She said that a strong safety culture needed to ‘become ingrained’ – and work was happening to ensure this was the case.

Workplace experience

She claimed that the higher rate of incidents was due to a lack of workplace experience, and being temporary or part-time in roles. Teo also claimed that health and safety concerns were ‘far from their minds’.

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