Occupational cancers

Occupational cancers

A worldwide epidemic of occupational cancer is claiming at least one life every 52 seconds, but this tragedy is being ignored by both official regulators and employers. These deaths are not just statistics, they are stories of pain, hardship and bereavement. 

The HSE have important information about occupational cancer, official relevant standards, guidance on what to do and official statistics.  

Whole picture not shown

However, the Hazards Campaign and many individuals  and groups, including West Midlands Hazards Trust, have reason to claim that the official statistics don't show the whole picture, and not enough is being done to eradicate occupational cancer by governments and safety enforcers like the HSE. 

Resources and finding out more

The Alliance for Cancer Preventiion brings together individuals and organisations dedicated to raising the issues and getting things  changed.

The Hazards Campaign has a "Hazards Zero Cancer"campaign.  This includes a Hazards Work Cancer Prevention Kit.