What we do

What we do


We are very proud to have created and supported Asbestos Support West Midlands which provides free and confidential advice to those suffering from asbestos-related diseases and their families, and campaigns for an end to the misery caused by asbestos.

Amongst the achievements of the asbestos group include:

  • helping a growing number of people every year, using home visits and helpline
  • running a Bluebell self-help support group for families meets regularly with patient and carer events, including annual Mesothelioma Conferences in the Midlands, jointly with a sister organisation, Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team
  • supporting the work of the Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum UK 

Joint Activities

We work closely with other local and national groups, supporting each other's campaigns on work-related  issues, most notably the Construction Safety Campaign locally, and have had joint meetings with the Birmingham-based Dignity at Work Now group.

As part of the national Hazards Campaign, we encourage members and supporters to do what they can to campaign for safer workplaces e.g. lobbying MPs on issues, raising pertinent questions, and commenting on consultations.

Our other activities

We also: 

  • Issue regular newsletters (provide link to Resources) to supporters
  • Commemorate Action Mesothelioma Day every year, through our Asbestos Support West Midlands work, in conjunction with other local and national groups
  • Work with Birmingham Trades Union Council to organise International Workers' Memorial Day events in Birmingham and Solihull on 28th April every year
  • Organise public meetings on work hazards issues, sometimes along with other local groups

Why Safety Net?

We cannot yet provide the kind of services to help individuals as we would like to, other than for asbestos-related issues, where we have paid staff to do just that.

Hence the Information and Links focus on this website, which will enable us to reach a wider circle of people and help them to access the many on-line resources that are now available.

We hope it can inspire more people to get involved with us as members or supporters.


Thanks to Awards for All for financial help in building this website, and previously in enabling us to do the preparatory work for setting up the asbestos group.