Who we are

Who we are

West Midlands Hazards Trust (WMHT)  is a small charity whose charitable objects are:
- relieving poverty and advancing education and health in the West Mids by:

  • educating the public on health and safety hazards in the workplace and environment
  • supporting those who promote health and safety at work
  • helping those whose lives are affected by work hazards, and their families
  • and targetting  the vulnerable, disadvantaged, or victimised in relation to work hazards  e.g. young people, ethnic minorities, women, blacklisted safety reps
  • campaining on work related hazard issues

Hazards campaign

The Hazards Trust also supports the UK Hazards Campaign and the Hazards Campaign Charter.


Hazards Trust is a recently-formed West Midlands based charity.

We fill the gap left by a previous Hazards Centre in the West Midlands which helped thousands of people with work hazards issues in the 20 years of its existence.  

We aim to continue and expand its proud campaigning and helping record in new and varied ways. 

Our vision

We plan to continue to build the kind of organisation needed locally to meet the challenges of:

  • extending services to other areas of work hazards, beyond those caused by asbestos alone, and helping those with other industrial diseases and conditions
  • playing a bigger role within the West Midlands, with its traditional heavy industries; where huge numbers of people are employed in jobs with risks to health; and with diverse populations where health inequalities are found
  • linking in with safety reps in local trade unions
  • providing health & safety resources for community groups, small businesses and social enterprises
  • supporting national campaiagns and encouraging a series of locally-based campaigns, making best use of social networking